What is Change?

Change is a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you spend your hard-earned money more wisely.

Is Change an App?

Change is an invisible app. You sign-up for the service via Mobile or Web and from that moment on, our system will seamlessly do its magic behind the scenes.

How does Change work?

When you link your credit card or bank account to our service, the technology gets to know your financial personality and communicates naturally via SMS to help you keep on track. When the service identifies opportunities to decrease spending and increase saving, it suggests automated ways for you to act.

Is Change the same as Mint?

Change is a different experience. When using Mint you need to be actively involved in manually calibrating your budgets and goals. We think that in order to be successful with personal finance the experience has to be easier than that.

Is Change safe for me to use?

Yes. We use the most advanced security measures to make sure your personal data is anonymized and encrypted on our servers. We DO NOT see nor keep your login credentials when you link your bank and credit cards to our service.

Does Change cost me money?

No. Our basic service that sends you text messages based on your individual financial behaviors is forever free.

How do you make money?

When you choose to enable our auto-saving service, we make money like a traditional bank, by accruing interest on the savings we hold for you. Over time we will be launching optional easy & automated banking services.

Why is it called “Change”?

We believe that money is not about budgets and numbers – it is about behavioral CHANGE. Our service uses Data Science and Behavioral Economics to help you make small changes in the way you manage your personal finance so you can reach your dreams.

How many accounts do I need to link?

As many as you like, although bear in mind that our technology can help you better when it is linked to all of your credit cards and bank accounts. Most of our customers start with linking their main account and soon after experiencing the magic, they link all their accounts.

What if I don’t see my bank listed?

Change supports over 9,000 financial institutions in USA and Canada. If you do not find your bank or bank-affiliated credit card, please shoot us an email to support@gochange.co and we will try to help.

Is Change available outside of the USA?

We currently support financial institutions in USA and Canada. Other territories are not supported yet.

Will Change move money without asking me?

Never. In the near future, we intend to introduce automated savings to help you sock away some money when we identify the opportunity to do so – we will always get your approval before activating that service for you.

Have other questions?

Shoot us an email: support@gochange.co