Tyson stays on top of his Finances – without it becoming an Obsession

Financial change means different things to different people. For one, it may be sticking to a budget for the first time in eons; for another, it could be meeting savings objectives for a palpable goal. Whatever the reason, users all over the United States are experiencing change thanks to Change. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of the ways Change has made an impact on the way others think about, and handle, money in their everyday lives.

Today, we bring you the answers of Tyson Brown, a SaaS Product Manager from Gilbert, AZ. While he has the same worries as most – saving for a rainy day, eliminating debt – he’s often too preoccupied (in a good way!) with his brilliant career, particularly the “design thinking, innovation and technology” aspects. Being so immersed in the day-to-day, it can be tough to keep up with the state of one’s finances. Enter Change.

Read on to find out Tyson’s favorite Change feature, and more.

Which message do you remember the most?

“My daily checking balance.”

Why was it interesting to you?

“It removes the need for me to login to my bank app daily – push notifications for account balance daily. SUPER NICE.”

Do you feel a change in your spending behavior?

“Yes.  Starting the day knowing my balance allows me to make better spending decisions throughout the day..”

Do you feel more aware of your financial status?


What is your toughest financial challenge at the moment?

“Eliminating credit card debt.”

If you could save money with us, what would you save for?

“Rainy days, vacations with the family, home renovations, monthly Spotify subscription.”

Enabling Tyson to stay on top of his finances without needing to check in with his online account frequently, accomplishes two goals: (1) it keeps him aware of his financial state, and (2) it prevents him from accidentally neglecting it or purposely avoiding it in fear. Actually, make that three goals: (3) it increases Tyson’s chances of affording a vacation in his favorite destination, Cancun!