Taking Home the Trophy: Change Wins BBVA Fintech Startup Competition

We’ve got some exciting news to share, folks: We recently participated in the 9th annual BBVA Open Talent Competition for FinTech startups, one of the most prestigious FinTech competitions in the world. But that’s not the exciting part – the exciting part is that we won!

So, what does it take to win?

Each year since it was first launched in 2009, over 500 startups apply to the competition in the hopes of earning a coveted spot among the 10 finalists chosen to present their ideas. The judges are composed of the banking group’s executive team, along with a team of independent financial experts. When deciding which startup will be crowned most promising for the future, they look for innovation that can improve people’s lives and transform the world of finance to ensure it’s adapted to the 21st century.

During his keynote speech at this year’s competition which was held in Copenhagen, BBVA CEO Francisco Gonzales Rodriguez laid out his vision for the role of banks in the future – describing a reality in which they act as personal financial assistants powered by artificial intelligence. It’s no wonder then, that Change was selected as the winner, given that it perfectly embodies that vision.

Expect great things

Change continues to push boundaries in its quest to create the world’s first Artificial Intelligence CFO/financial advisor, and boosts like these reminds us of the potential impact this can have on people’s lives. This win has already generated more recognition from us, and added interest from investors who will help us grow and get better in the coming years.  

After the win, our Founder & CEO Yaniv Levi addressed the win, and what’s in store for Change: “This is further assurance that we’re heading towards fulfilling our vision, which is to improve the financial health of millennials around the world. This is done by introducing automated solutions that reduce financial stress, reward positive financial habits and help them move forward financially. These objectives that no longer seem impossible thanks to the game-changing services we launched, such as Auto-Saving and Predictive Overdraft Protection.”