Stacie Adds Up the Numbers – and Solves the Equation

Financial change means different things to different people. For one, it may be sticking to a budget for the first time in eons; for another, it could be meeting savings objectives for a palpable goal. Whatever the reason, users all over the United States are experiencing change thanks to Change. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of the ways Change has made an impact on the way others think about, and handle, money in their everyday lives.

Today, we bring you the answers of Stacie Burmeister, an HR Solutions Account Manager from Atlanta, GA. Like many in car-dependent cities, Stacie recently took out a car loan to pay for a new car and proceeded to enjoy her awesome new wheels around Atlanta. As you’ll read below, a simple text from Change showed her just how much her car payments added up to in a single year, prompting Stacie to reconsider.

Read all about Stacie’s shift to focusing on the big picture with Change, below.

Which message do you remember the most?

“I was notified what the yearly total was on my monthly auto loan [was]. I could easily add this up, but I hadn’t thought to do that and now I know how much I’m spending! It’s really helpful to get these notices.”

Why was it interesting to you?

“It’s interesting to see how much I’m spending on my car a year, before any maintenance fees. They say you spend the most money on things that matter the most to you. This helped me realize I must really love my new car!”

Do you feel a change in your spending behavior?

“I think with more notices and more realizations about my spending habits I will be changing some habits that I didn’t really know I was spending so much on!”

Do you feel more aware of your financial status?

“I do. I like to keep a good eye on my finances and this is a great tool that helps me do this without even having to think about it!”

What is your toughest financial challenge at the moment?

“I need to know how much I spend on eating out. I feel like it’s a lot and it varies every month. I probably need to focus on this as my next spending habit that needs to be evaluated.”

If you could save money with us, what would you save for?

“Nice Vacations!”

As you see, the text did not prompt Stacie to refinance the loan or sell the car (we get it, sometimes you’ve got to #treatyoself) – but it did teach her a valuable lesson about evaluating monthly expenses – and any small recurring expenses –  in the right perspective. Once we’re aware of the way every expense factors in with our long term goals, we can make conscious decisions about what to spend our hard earned money on.