Christina’s Smart Cut Backs Resulted in 90% Less Spending in one Category

Financial change means different things to different people. For one, it may be sticking to a budget for the first time in eons; for another, it could be meeting savings objectives for a palpable goal. Whatever the reason, users all over the United States are experiencing change thanks to Change. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of the ways Change has made an impact on the way others think about, and handle, money in their everyday lives.

Today, we bring you Christina’s experience. Christina is pursuing a Doctorate in Pharmacy, living in Memphis. She’s passionate about her chosen field, striving to “[provide] the best quality health care as a student pharmacist and learning all I can about the human body”.

Aside from her busy (and pricey) curriculum, Christina mentioned she also loves “photography, good design, and thoughtful food. One of my favorites is Sushi no Midori in Tokyo”.

Higher education, traveling and great food – a woman after our own heart. Got stuff in common with Christina? Check out her answers to our survey.

Which Change message do you remember the most?

“We noticed that your spending on ______ has consistently decreased over the last 3 months. It shrank 90.10%.”

Why was it interesting to you?

“It was the first message I received that showed a percent decrease in my spending, and to see that it was a 90% decrease got me pretty excited. It was January, and I had set a new “resolution” to spend only a certain amount in that category each month. To see a statistic about that was both surprising and a “YAY” moment for me.”

Do you feel a change in your spending behavior?

“ I do – the daily reminders of my spending keep me in check EACH day. I think that’s the best thing about this app. If I didn’t get the daily reminders, I would only check my account balance, at most, once a week.”

Do you feel more aware of your financial status?

“Yes, definitely!”

What is your toughest financial challenge at the moment?

“Being a student, being able to save and allocate a certain amount each month to repay my student loans is the hardest challenge for me. It’s difficult because I have to think about that on top of paying my monthly bills.”

If you were to save additional money, what would you save for?

“Travel! A plane ticket plus expenses for a short vacation.”

Where is your favorite travel destination?

“Thailand. You can get everything in one country – a huge city, gorgeous beaches and islands, and beautiful mountains up north. You will never run out of things to do in Thailand.”