Ariana Takes Note of Her Spending Habits – before they Catch Up with Her

Financial change means different things to different people. For one, it may be sticking to a budget for the first time in eons; for another, it could be meeting savings objectives for a palpable goal. Whatever the reason, users all over the United States are experiencing change thanks to Change. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of the ways Change has made an impact on the way others think about, and handle, money in their everyday lives.

Today, we bring you the answers of Ariana James, a Social Worker from Claremont. Taking on such an altruistic role in life, it’s no wonder Ariana says she’s “passionate about helping others”. But what about herself? Slowly but surely, she’s taking ownership of the way she spends, and putting money aside for a rainy day.

Read all about Ariana’s experience using Change, in her words, below.

Which message do you remember the most?

“I remember being told that my top spending category for the past month was over $300.”

Why was it interesting to you?

“It showed me how easy it can be to overspend when shopping online, because the transactions are so quick.”

Do you feel a change in your spending behavior?

“Yes. I’m certainly trying to be more mindful of how much I spend and whether I really need it or not.”

Do you feel more aware of your financial status?


What is your toughest financial challenge at the moment?

“Adjusting my budget to fit my current salary, instead of the one I wish I had.”

If you could save money with us, what would you save for?

“An emergency fund.”

We don’t know about you, but Ariana can speak for us any day. Online shopping blindness? Check. Spending beyond our means? Check. Fretting over not having enough cushion in our savings for a rainy day? Check, check, check. Ariana is wisely owning up to her behavior and modifying it. What’ll she do with all the leftover cash? Spend it on “good sushi and trips to Hawaii”. We second that!